Tuesday, October 06, 2009

State Sen. Dan Gelber demands legal action to boost education

Dan Gelber is running for the Democratic nomination to be state attorney general, and he's advising the current attorney general how to do his job. Specifically, in education.

Is is possible that all this fresh competition for our statewide offices -- they are up for election in 2010 with no incumbents running -- may just lead to better government?

Gelber, my state senator, is demanding that Attorney General Bill McCollum, a Republican running for governor next year, assert his duty to force the governor (quitting-early Charlie Crist) and state legislature to abide by the state constitution, which happens to require that they provide the means for a quality public education.

Read the full text of his letter to McCollum on the Dan Gelber blog. I've posted a comment there suggesting that this is overdue, and it's a good idea to set a tone for having the constitution  also ban gerrymandering and require that health care and education be equal in priority -- fundamental values of the people of Florida.

Dave Aronberg, state senator from Greenacres, is running for the Democratic nomination for attorney general, too.

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