Monday, October 12, 2009

New Sen. LeMieux rakes in $1.6 million from his law firm

Our new senator, George LeMieux, should not be tempted into corruption in the short time he says he’ll be in office. For most of us the pay of a US senator would be a big raise – it’s $174,000 a year. LeMieux, though, would be taking a pay cut if he gave up his other job – running the law firm of Guenster Yoakley & Stewart – and tried to go for US senator, long-term.

At the law firm he’s paid $1,651,578 a year. So he reports to the US Senate on his financial disclosure report.  Pretty cushy, huh? Certainly no temptation is left to put a hand in the public treasury.
Thanks to the Miami Herald Naked Politics blog for putting this out. Now, what to make of it?

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Anonymous said...

It's time to also nationalize legal services. Lawyers are way more over-paid than doctors. Federal government should provide legal services under a public option. Fee schedules for lawyers can be set and regulated