Friday, October 02, 2009

A Rachel Maddow show to be watched

The Rachel Maddow show is simply great. This entire show is worth watching. Take notes! Much to learn here. This may be talked about in my presentation Saturday Oct. 10 at the Florida Democratic Party Conference in Orlando.

A personal note here: One segment features a friend and colleague from my AP days, Michael Precker. He's now an escapee from the world of journalism and works in PR for The Lodge, a"gentlemen's club" in Dallas that Newt Gingrich's political committee honored with an entrepreneurial award -- and then withdrew it. This saga describes the crude fundraising that stains our politics. In fact, much of this Rachel Maddow show rips into the weak leadership, truth-twisting and hypocrisy that cast so much of our national leadership in a poor light.

There's also this writeup on a Dallas blog with more background on The Lodge segment.

UPDATE: This line of work gets around -- the "gentlemen's club." I'm just picking up from the Miami Herald's Naked Politics blog that one of Gov. Charlie Crist's new appointments to the Public Service Commission is a part owner of a bar where, according to the photo on Naked Politics, young women in skimpy attire hang from a pole. The all-popular governor defends the appointment to the commission that rules on utility rates by saying the guy is a small businessman who will know what his electric bill is. Turns out the guy's resume is faulty, as well. And is it good to have a law enforcement person be running bars?

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