Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Keith Olbermann to reform health care single-handed – with our help in five states

This was ferocious. The Teabaggers will shrivel. Glenn Beck won’t stand up to this. Olbermann at his most intense for an entire hour of Special Comment on health care reform Wednesday night. The plan that emerged at the end was audacious: Massive free clinics in five states to show six Blue Dog US senators the lives at stake in their pitiful pandering to the insurance industry.

Take 11 minutes, at least, and watch Part 5 of the Olbermann performance where he sums up his argument and describes the plan for free clinics in Arkansas, Montana, Nebraska, Louisiana and Nevada.
 The idea is to shame Senators Blanche Lincoln D-AR,  Mark Pryor D-AR, Max Baucus, D-MT, Mary Landrieu D-LA, and Harry Reid D-NV. Yes, the Blue Dogs! Not a snaky Republican among the targets.
After you’ve written a check to the National Association of Free Clinics feel free to go back and watch the rest of Olbermann’s hour of superb oratory. How he marshaled his facts. How the emotion showed as he told of his father’s agony of illness and of his childhood friend’s need to sell his farm and everything else to pay for his daughter’s long hospitalization.
A few quotes:

·         “I will not settle for a compromise bill.”
·          “It is time to be bold.”
·          “How can we not be united against death?”
·         “We must recognize the enemy here … the moneyed interests who have bled their customers white.”
·         “I’ll donate. How much will you donate?”

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primerica insurance said...

Wow. All those who need to give speech from time to time can learn from this guy! They way he emphasized 'death' was fabulous.