Friday, October 02, 2009

Corruption probe in Florida state government looks big

This has been growing for a couple days now. This Tallahassee story in the Miami Herald and, no doubt, the St. Pete Times too, seems to touch the governor's office and the state legislature.

Republican Gov. Charlie Crist may be in the clear. Former Democratic Gov. Bob Graham seems to be in the maybe clear category too.

It's a federal probe, and when we get a better handle on how big it is, we can ask why our state law enforcement officials, namely former Attorney General Charlie Crist and current Attorney General Bill McCollum (now running for governor in the 2010 election), didn't find out about what their close colleagues were doing.

Meanwhile, just run your cursor around the "Similar Stories" box in the Herald site, and you'll see a quick tutorial on the uses of lobbyist money in dubious fashion in our state capital. It's a nice feature -- a summary of the earlier story pops up without your having to click on it. Thanks, Miami Herald.

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Fat Bastardo said...

V=Florida is the most corrupt state but that is not surprising. Look who their governor is... Slick Rick Scott. Click Here for the 411 on Miami Crime and Corruption and read some excerpts from Miami a Survivor's Tale by Frank Abrams Esq.

On balance Miami is the most corrupt.