Monday, November 20, 2006

After some post election thinking...

We had some excellent US house candidates that attempted to unseat some entrenched and wealthy people.

Big Dave Patlak, thank you for running.

Frank Gonzalez, thank you for running.

Micheal Calderin, thank you for running.

We all are proud to have supported you and proud to have voted for you. The combined war chest of each of these candidates was less then half of the amount raised by the least of the incumbents.

Running for offices is a thankless job. You are multitasking every minute of everyday, wondering if the woman you called on for a question yesterday will be upset that you referred to her as 'sir'. It is long and difficult and vital to our society's health.

No one pays you for running and no one thanks you for losing. And challengers often lose.

My hats off to the trio; they all tried their best...none sat at home with their loved ones on their hands.

I hope the DEC is able to provide more support and counseling in the future elections. And i certainly hope none of the Three give up on the the saying goes; it takes ten years to be a overnight success. Hopefully we wont have to wait much longer...

Take hope in this; the country is swinging to our side...Florida just happens to be a little behind the swing. We have a very powerful and entrenched opposition here in dade county and very wealthy interests funding the opposition. But we become more nimble and more knowledgeable.

We can and will do better.

Would like to join me?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Last Post? Naw!

The active blogger for the site has had some very time-consuming family problems. He would humbly appologize to the readership and will return to semi-regular posting as usual today.