Friday, September 22, 2006

Two blogs one day?!?


I have to anounce that our candidate for Federal Congression Seat #25, Micheal Calderin, is having a fun and fundraising event later to host young author Scott Goldstein("The Tea is in the Harbor") at 7pm in the Arrow room of the UM campus.

Micheal is a young and vibrant challenger, he needs our help!

Plus you can meet me...that must be exciting(?)....

Torture Wins.

Terrible to say that.

The political win for the republicans in undeniable:

'Rebel' Republicans(including presidential hopeful John McCain) can be seen as defending human rights, the President can show he compromise. A huge election time win-win for the GOP's tattered corruption image, while the democrats forced to look impotent on one of the most important issues in contention this year.

The actual result is that the president still can achieve human-right violations when he sees fit in most cases. The protest in public was a sham.

I'm supposed to concentrate on South Florida issues. Today I something to say that sadly contains its own part in South Florida's repreentatives. So here we go:

The republicans actually waited for a scheduled break of our Florida representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Robert Wexler, then...



During a scheduled break when the representatives were to attend a news conference on Medicare, its detailed here

I will add-in a statement from the offices of Waxler and Wasserman-Schultz later of the ambush vote.

Many people reading this are active in our community's efforts. If you go to events with the opposition present, make them answer for torture and the manner their party has gotten its definition of 'human dignity' for President Bush.

Nothing is sacred to the other side; not war, not education, not the safety of our children, not tax payer's dollar, not even HUMAN DIGNITY itself...nothing is as important as political gains. And a few points of ethics or human decency will be damned before it gets in their way.

Friday, September 08, 2006

"Well, well, well....if it isnt Frank Banister...."

That is a great line from the underrated movie 'The frighteners' by peter Jackson.

Our primaries have ended. Some of you were disappointed in the results and that is natural. But let me remind you of our unified message from here til November:

Our democratic candidates now need your support against the republicans. You can find each of them listed in our 'candidates' section, including their contact information.

We have a full slate for federal candidates this year for the house of representatives. The incumbents (representatives Meek and Wasser-Schultz) are in positions of strength to retain their seats(or face no one at all).

My attention is called to the hardworking challengers. In the upcoming weeks, I will focus this newsblog to their races very tightly. The reason is simple:
They have been written off by others and are fighting very hard regardless.

It takes a certain kind of gumption to run for a position that is all uphill fighting. That is exactly kind of attitude we need to take here in this county. For too long we have laid our hopes on select candidates and state or national races to redeem our values in the democratic party. Are we ready to fight here as well?

As much as I am able to attend events and promote them for our challengers, I will do so and then report the outcome here. I have not been able to say much on the races leading up to the primaries because of the status of this blog as the official blog for the DEC of Miami-Dade county. I will am now free to give the opponents of democracy my full attentions and scorn.

Many, perhaps too many, people come in from around the nation to have fundraising events to drain south Florida's donors to political causes and candidates. This is because of the lazy status we personally have given ourselves. The real future of funding in the democratic party is called 'small donor programs'. In plain-speak, they are talking about everyday people giving small amounts. The Democratic party has retained a terrible truth from the Clinton years: it is to heavily dependant on a very few big donors. Let me be clear on something; there is nothing wrong with supporting the democratic party with that large donation help. However as the active base, you personally do not feel as attached or relevant if you not financially attached to party. Then, as most people would do, you feel that you do not want your money wasted. And as this donor base becomes more broad, it truly becomes a party that is supported by the average person and for the average person.

I am going to spend some future posts talking about donations and what that pays for in politics. It isn't the pretty or sexy information, but it is going to be a honest talk about why so much is needed in modern times. And the need for small donors is so that the party can continue to serve as representatives of the people broadly and not just the elite few that handed in heavy checks.