Friday, September 22, 2006

Two blogs one day?!?


I have to anounce that our candidate for Federal Congression Seat #25, Micheal Calderin, is having a fun and fundraising event later to host young author Scott Goldstein("The Tea is in the Harbor") at 7pm in the Arrow room of the UM campus.

Micheal is a young and vibrant challenger, he needs our help!

Plus you can meet me...that must be exciting(?)....

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Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald endorsed the old line Republican Candidate for Agriculuture Commissioner because "he was good for agriculture". It ignored the main responsibility of the office, Consumer Affairs. Please write the Herald and point out the error and ask them to chznge thier endorsement to Eric Copeland, who will protect the people of this state from Consumer
fraud, not just the old line fat cat Republican Farmers like the Sugar Barons and Orange Juice Kings.