Friday, September 22, 2006

Torture Wins.

Terrible to say that.

The political win for the republicans in undeniable:

'Rebel' Republicans(including presidential hopeful John McCain) can be seen as defending human rights, the President can show he compromise. A huge election time win-win for the GOP's tattered corruption image, while the democrats forced to look impotent on one of the most important issues in contention this year.

The actual result is that the president still can achieve human-right violations when he sees fit in most cases. The protest in public was a sham.

I'm supposed to concentrate on South Florida issues. Today I something to say that sadly contains its own part in South Florida's repreentatives. So here we go:

The republicans actually waited for a scheduled break of our Florida representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Robert Wexler, then...



During a scheduled break when the representatives were to attend a news conference on Medicare, its detailed here

I will add-in a statement from the offices of Waxler and Wasserman-Schultz later of the ambush vote.

Many people reading this are active in our community's efforts. If you go to events with the opposition present, make them answer for torture and the manner their party has gotten its definition of 'human dignity' for President Bush.

Nothing is sacred to the other side; not war, not education, not the safety of our children, not tax payer's dollar, not even HUMAN DIGNITY itself...nothing is as important as political gains. And a few points of ethics or human decency will be damned before it gets in their way.

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