Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cool bike rack

Seen in Coconut Grove. Instantly voting Yes for this rack.

Company called Creative Metalworks LLC is the maker.

While on this topic: The Miami Beach magazine reports there will be a bike-renting service up and running by early 2010. Supposed to be "the largest in the country, with 900 bicycles total in the whole city."

Take that, you advocates of limited government.


Richard Chambers said...

Hey, that is a great photo and a wonderful bike rack idea. Just wondering what you meant by your comment, "Take that, you advocates of limited government."

Is the government somehow involved in this bike thing you speak of?

Larry Thorson said...

Yes, indeed. The article in the city magazine said the city contracted with a private company called DecoBike to provide the service. It's done similar programs in other cities.

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