Friday, October 09, 2009

Bill Nelson hears "public option" yells

Sen. Nelson got a little heckling Friday at the Florida Democratic
Party Conference in Orlando. He said he already voted for it and on
Tuesday a bill will ome out of the Senate Finance Committee.


Luciano said...

Also on Saturday during the General Session of the Convention, many loud voices demanding "Public Option", and "Health Care Reform Now" were heard several times during Sen. Nelson's speech. This left him no option but to address the matter.

Larry Thorson said...

Do you think we got to him with the many demos at his offices?

Luis C. Isaza E said...

Unless we, the voters, demand from our elected Democrats in Congress that they support the Public Option, what we will be getting from them is an approved Bill which is not health care reform, but a more complicated system that multiplies unnecessary options, reduces already earned benefits, increases cost, gives Republicans more opportunities to "curse" government involvement in private affairs, benefits insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and gives the conservatives in Congress reasons to smile, because they will bring down the short reign of Democrats in power and of our President Obama. Do you like the picture? If not, call yuour representatives, specially those blu-dogs, and write to them like you have never done it before. Ask them to support the Public Option, no more, no less, or Medicare for all.