Monday, October 26, 2009

Public option? Robert Reich's view

Your blogger is kinda steaming about the opt-out public option that's now atop the US Senate. So in the meantime here's a video by Robert Reich that sounds as if it was recorded before Tuesday's developments.

The email inbox includes one from the White House saying the president is OK with opt-out. I thought he'd be stronger on the public side.

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Luis C. Isaza E said...

First, there was the audacity of Hope. Then came the promise of Change. Now, we are hanging only on the strength of our Faith.

Faith in our belief that the intelligence of our President will ultimately be able to push through a robust Public Option in the final Bill presented for a vote in Congress. Those of us who still believe, do so on the basis that it is impossible that members of a party who represent the majority of the people, and the voters that elected them, are going to allow less than ten blue-dog members derail real change, just because they do not agree with 100% of the proposals, and join rank with the minority party of NO. Whatever you think of the blessings of bi-partisanship and fiscal responsibility, it is not enough to close your eyes to the tragedy of Health Insurance in this country, and stop progress and the promise of change.

We do not need DINO's in the Democratic Party