Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Phone bank! Hundreds of calls for Obama. Next, party!

Sonya, Cora, Ann, Stacey, Aixa in the mopup phase of Tuesday's phone-banking for Barack Obama. These five women are about one-third of the crew that worked in just one small regional volunteer headquarters Tuesday evening to call and identify Obama voters. And don't forget the data entry.

This isn't all that happens from this one center. Registering new voters is a big drive done, for starters, in the now-traditional presence at naturalization ceremonies for new citizens. Other methods are to get on buses and commuter trains and register voters. Waltz from one beach blanket to the next to register voters. Hang out at barbershops and register voters. The parking lot at big-box stores is a good place to register voters. Ask these hard workers for tips.

You can meet this crowd from North Beach Wednesday night at Cafe Prima Pasta, 414 71st St., Miami Beach 33141, and we'll party! Starts at 6 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Excellent job! Hope is still alive…

Mount Rushmore Presidents “Sing” With JK Citizen For Obama’s Historical Election


Miami – (PRLog) – Sep 10, 2008 - The first historical election of the twenty first century is well under way and Mount Rushmore’s Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln have personally come alive to do there fair share for the vote.

The real “Fab” four were personally chauffeured to the studio to sing on Miami based musician JK Citizen’s, now infamous song “Rock The Vote America”. The four were in rare spirits and on key as they sang in unison on the chorus’s of the song, in what can be deemed as a long over due reunion. But alas, what is all this controversy then you ask?

After the JK Citizen’s audio recording was released several weeks ago it was met with a tremendous positive response on the internet and JK’s follow up video response has been even stronger. It was released as the first in a series of singles, off his debut CD “Roc Me”.

After the “Rock The Vote America” video was released a week ago, JK found himself in the limelight and surrounded by controversy after what some have perceived as his portrayal of Presidential Nominee Barack Obama. As of today JK Citizen’s public relations released a video statement from JK himself.

“I wrote the song because I was so inspired that we might finally see change in this country and because the citizens of this nation feel that hope is truly alive. I never realized that so many people would like it and that it would be embraced by the political powers that be. Its like a dream…Only In America” JK was quoted as saying.

Some democratic insiders are pushing for the song to become the theme for Obama’s Presidential race, after hearing the lyrics that seem to capture the overall mood of the nation. It is expected to be used on the democratic campaign trail and to increase the young vote on Obama’s behalf.

“Jk Citizen” can be found on just about any search engine and the video is everywhere. Any which way you cut it, it’s worth the watch so check it out at:





For booking information please contact: contactus@isoldimultimedia.com
954-825-9917 or 954-825-3179

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Miami (PRWEB) Oct 26, 2008 – After several weeks and over 70,000 views on YouTube, JK Citizen’s “Rock The Vote America” has caught on internationally. A search on Google brought us to over 3,900 postings. The US, Europe, Asia, and even Sri Lanka.

So just who is JK Citizen?

The Miami based Hip Roc artist was first launched onto the scene after
his video debut in September. It was a simple idea. Write a song. Make a video. Post it on YouTube and a few other video websites. Get young people to vote.

So what could go wrong (or right)?

JK found himself in the limelight and surrounded by debate after what some have perceived as his portrayal of Presidential Nominee Barack Obama and the newest accusations that this is an attempt to swing the vote Obama’s way. Some political insiders say that the coined “silent song” can have significant influence over the amount of young voters.

In a recent telephone interview JK Citizen responded
“ I wrote the song to get young people to vote and not to portray either candidate but obviously the color of my skin has something to do with it.

If Senator McCain was my skin color, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion. If you listen to the lyrics it’s all about making a change and the power of rocking your vote.

Most important of all, it’s about letting both candidates know that no matter who gets elected, that its time for change and that they have to make it right Mr. President.”

In the midst of overwhelming controversy as well as support JK is keeping a positive attitude and an unbiased opinion. He is currently performing several shows all to raise voting awareness and voter registration.

When asked about how all this is turning out JK said “It’s all about turning a negative into a positive and remembering all the people who understand this is our world and our future. Stand up and vote America. Lead by example and be proud to set a great example for the rest of the world.”

JK Citizen’s “Rock The Vote America” can be found everywhere on the net
or at:


The song can also be found on his debut album “Roc Me” scheduled for release in December 08. For bookings, fan club or general information please contact: