Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New links for politics

There was so much fresh news in the NY Times blog The Caucus today that I'm adding it to one of the links boxes in the right-hand column.

First, I'll feature it here for starters. Scroll down to the entry by Kate Phillips where she quotes an Obama spokesman saying the idea that Sarah Palin has more experience than Barack Obama is "borderline ridiculous." But if it were true that executive experience was be-all-and-end-all, "maybe she should run for president and John McCain should run for vice president." 


Also to be noted is that the DNC has a new website analyzing McCain-Palin as In case you need ammunition in your arguments. This too will find a place in the links boxes. UPDATE: I just read through the Fact-check section and it skewers practically everything Thompson and Lieberman said in their Tuesday night speeches as false and misleading. Valuable stuff. This points to fiery debates. First stop is Ole Miss on Sept. 26.

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