Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor

The line above was the thought that occurred to Jody Finver, an inventive creative worker in advertising, after Gov. Sarah Palin poured scorn on the world of community organizing. On Saturday the Obama grassroots in Miami – i.e. community organizers – celebrated the opening of a campaign office for Community Organizers for Change.

It’s at 3674 Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove, Miami, and the phone number is 305 447-1452, in case anyone wants to call and offer help.

Speakers at the opening were just about every one of the 40-plus who attended, led by C. C. Holloman, who claims the title of Community Organizer and nothing else. Featured was Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, along with Simon Rose, who’s backing the lease on the storefront office, and Jody Finver, who recited the sharp post she put up on DailyKos after the dust settled last Wednesday. You can read her piece at this link.

It turns out others had the same idea – so obvious that one wonders why all those ardent Christians at the Republican convention didn’t think of it – and at least one other post on DailyKos followed.

A revelation to me was the address of an Alaska website devoted to Palin, called Mudflats. Useful to keep in mind.

I guess this is what Barack Obama is referring to when he says, “John McCain just doesn’t get it.” The Republicans, led by Karl Rove, keep practicing what used to work for them, not knowing the rest of us have moved on. Their scorn and contempt are always off the mark.

We don’t get mad, we get even. We work harder. In Coconut Grove they’re working the streets more zealously now to register new voters and convince them to vote for Obama.

Thank you, Gov. Palin.

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