Monday, September 29, 2008

Dow down 600 ...

I was watching MSNBC while the House started its vote, and there were the totals on the screen showing the Nays solidly ahead of the Yeas , and they’re not finished voting. Their correspondent said something like, “I’m sure that they’re watching CNBC or some other financial service in the conference rooms while this is going on.”

So I switched over to CNBC and heard their commentators exclaiming at how the “market” was voting against this “bailout plan.” Yikes, Dow down 600! This was at about 1:45pm EDT.

One of the CNBC voices tried to calm his colleagues, but they kept running on about how the disaster was unfolding.

Well, the vote is continuing, and they can change their votes. And it’s too early to kiss the Republic farewell.

If it continues like this, I guess the future won’t be socialism.

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