Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Flood of rumors

Let's calm down, folks, and think before we fire off those nasty emails about the Republicans. Your blogger here was duped by several otherwise wise friends who slipped me the photos of Sarah Palin in various costumes that had been supplied by the elegant dressers at iPhotoshoppe. Several of them have again tried to slip me the "list of books she tried to ban." Your blogger got slow this time and was saved when Snopes somehow intervened and told the true story: that she had indeed inquired about whether she could get books removed from the local library but the librarian resisted and nothing further seems to have happened.

So it's fair to say she's a potential book-banner and should not be elected to high office, but let's not publish a list of all the classics and say she wants to ban all of them by name, title and Dewey Decimal System Number. Your Snopes article for reference.

Here's the general Snopes link for Sarah Palin, which has four entries already and probably will grow like Topsy.

And the anti-McCain counterparts of the Swift-boaters also need to work on upgrading their attribution levels.

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