Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama campaign spending $39 million in Florida

It seems like an incredible amount of money, but in fact as I figured out a year ago when we had a municipal election here on Miami Beach, the candidates for city commission spent $130.55 for each vote cast. (Link to that post.)

Now, if all 10.6 million registered Floridians actually vote on Nov. 4, that would be only $3.68 per vote spent by the Obama campaign. Compared with all the robo-calling and glossy mailers we residents of Miami Beach suffer from our aspirants to the city commission, it's a pittance.

Before I report on what David Plouffe says in the video below, let me just post the detail of who's leading among registered voters in Florida with about three weeks until the close of registrations:
  • 4.4 million Democrats
  • 3.9 million Republicans
  • 2.3 million minor and non-party
Please don't let anyone think that this is a Republican state, despite what we have in Tallahassee. Democrats are in a temporary trough; we will be out of it soon to show there's better ways of doing state business. And we won't be mean about it the way the pit-bull Republicans are.

For instance (and again, pardons, I'm delaying a report on the Obama campaign), the Republicans are clearly to blame for two crooked instances of voter manipulation uncovered in the media.
  • The St. Petersburg Times reports on our neighbors the Florida Republicans sending mail to seniors who are Democrats, telling them that they're shown as registered Republicans. Whose "honorable" name is on the mail? John McCain. What's the effect? Attempt to confuse Democratic voters, attempt to "cage" them out of their vote on election day.
  • Next report is from Politico, about a national "push poll" targeting Jewish voters and asking them leading and nasty questions about Obama. Be aware of this and don't hesitate to report suspicious calls and mailings. By the way, the name on this was John McCain.
Official Democratic reaction:

"It is disgusting that John McCain and his Republican cronies would prey on Florida's seniors. John McCain's dishonorable and dishonest campaign prove he and his Republican Party are so desperate for four more years of Bush politics that they will do anything to win - except talk honestly with voters about the issues that matter," Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman said. "Frankly, John McCain should be ashamed of himself for preying on seniors like a bogus reverse-mortgage peddler."
Now, finally, the video in which David Plouffe, manager of the Obama campaign, lays out the situation for the last seven weeks.

The key point in this, to me, is that Florida is the biggest battleground state that he mentions -- requiring $39 million to fund the TV and radio ads, the staff and grassroots to win our 27 electoral votes.

Beyond that, we have huge jobs to do in the grassroots. Looking back to 2004 when George W. Bush won Florida by 380,000 votes, Plouffe pointed to the half-million African-Americans who didn't vote, and the 900,000 registered young citizens who didn't vote.

"We can win if we just turn them out," he said.


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