Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gosh, what's going on all over the place?

Ya wonder, Florida was not supposed to be a paradise for Obama, but a while ago I was looking at MSNBC and they were showing an NBC poll showing Obama rising and leading 47-45. What's up? Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm! You see offices open all over, and they're brimming with people happy and energetic. Their creative juices are flowing.

This evening I was at the regular Tuesday phone bank at the North Beach office of our captain, Dan Jonas, and we had the usual diverse Democratic crowd -- I mean crowd! -- polishing off the many hundreds of calls in Miami Beach by well before the closing gong.

What else are we up to in North Beach? Organizing a giant early-voting music festival for Oct. 26. Fair warning: Save The Date: Sunday Oct. 26, Noon-6p.m., North Shore Band Shell, 7250 Collins Ave.. A New York rapper is signed up. A fabulous blues band is signed up. More to come. Early voting site two blocks away at 75th and Collins. This will set early voting up as the thing to do. If you're not voting by mail, of course.

People are creating things, doing things, all over. Here's one from my friends Jody Finver and Simon Rose. Capy the Dog is part of the performance.

That can be seen in Coconut Grove.

I have an email here from Gloria Pierce about the wonderful march held in the Miami area in recent days, though no one has yet sent a video or photo of it. Here's some of her narrative.

I went to the Coral Gables Women for Obama March today. Just about everyone carried a handmade sign and we were a very big group - I'm guessing 200-300 or so? We walked from the office on Miracle Mile to LeJeune and then over a block South and down the next street to where Publix is - then we went back to Miracle Mile and decided to walk further down and then finally back to the Obama office. It was exhilarating - we had so many people stop to photograph this amazing group of women of all ages, children and some men too. We were chanting, singing, marching and smiling and waving and cheering. People stopped to wave, thumbs up, honks for approval and well, and maybe I saw a total of 4 thumbs down and all the rest seemed thrilled to see us.

I would love to see this happen again in some other communities that do not get that much attention. I live in SW Miami Dade County and there isn't anything like that happening there. I'm hoping that maybe we can make something like that and let the people out here know that Obama supporters are everywhere and they can join us and walk for the future.


Abel said...

I am a 16 year old high school student living in Hialeah. My family is strongly Republican and not at all in favor of Sen. Obama or any Democrat, but I am and would like to be involved in planning and carrying out these events. Who can I contact about this?

Larry Thorson said...

Good question. I should have included that in the first place. Go online to barackobama.com, click on the button to Volunteer or Get Involved, and there will be a place to plug in your zipcode. It should lead you to events in your area to help Barack Obama. You also can look up your Democratic candidate for Congress, Raul Martinez, raul08.com, and help his campaign.