Friday, September 12, 2008

Guest blogger: What happens to nice guys?

Here's John Dodley with a dire view of the campaign. He may be right.

By John Dudley

The old cliché is that 'Nice guys finish last'. Senator Barack Obama is really a nice guy. I think Republicans would agree that he is a really nice guy. Republicans also believe that 'nice guys finish last'.

I don't think Barack gets it. Republicans do not believe that we can have a nice guy for President and they are going out of their way to prove it. Even Republicans are amazed that they can hurl the most undeserving insults and lies at Obama and he refuses to counterattack.

Republicans are in the fear campaign. With the fear campaign, you need a President that has no fear. He (John McCain) or she (Sarah Palin) will not hesitate to strike or attack even if America is unprovoked. Republicans are convincing Americans that we need an aggressive leader in a terrorist tyrant infested world. Why else would George Bush Jr. get a second term as President? America can trust that he is dumb enough to pull the trigger to protect us even if we aren't in harms way. It's better to be safe than sorry.

The campaign strategy that beat Hillary Clinton is not the same strategy that Obama can use to beat John McCain. This is Obama's pitfall. Saying a bunch of nice things about John McCain and Sarah Palin only reinforces the Republicans position. Every time Barack compliments his Republican opposition, it sways those undecided voters to their side. Republicans can say that even Barack thinks those who sided with George Bush can be President and even Barack thinks being a small town Mayor is an important job.

Surely, if Obama can't firmly, strongly, repudiate these erroneous barbs of the Republican Party, how can he defend us in the free world? Democrats are concerned. The party is getting restless. With everything that is going wrong with this country, this race shouldn't even be close. With that being said, Obama is the perfect person to run this country during this crisis. However, he is not the best person to run against the Republican Party.

Just like in sports, the best team doesn't always win. However, we cannot afford to lose. I saw some of his interview last night at the Presidential Forum and I just don't think he gets it. America welcomes his point of view. The world welcomes his views. Republicans and Independents don't. They only disagree with him because they don't respect him.

Joe Biden told a great story about his mother. The jest of the story is that when he was a kid he came home crying about someone picking on him in the neighborhood. Joe's mother told Biden to go out and bloody the nose of the other kid so that he can walk down the street with pride the next day. We need to see this kind of firmness from Obama.

Obama is a nice guy. I can't think of any nice guys that have won Presidential Elections. The fact that Republicans hate Bill Clinton is really a compliment. You know what I mean?

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