Monday, October 13, 2008

Meet a new voter who's for Obama

You hear these stories about the newly registered voter who’s not going to vote. Or those who don’t pay attention. Or they don’t feel up to the challenges of our democracy.

So it was good to meet Martha Lozano, an immigrant from Colombia some years ago who only became a U.S. citizen last year, and now she’s about as eager to vote as a person can be.

How so? Well, she started off leaning toward the Republicans because that’s what her husband was, but at some point she began to think she should know about the candidates herself.

“I began to listen to them. I like Mr. Obama’s attitude toward immigrants. And I like that he belongs to a minority group, like me.”

She finds the Republicans too old-fashioned on some issues like gay marriage.

“Mr. Obama is better on health care, and on foreign policy, also on how to improve the economy. He’s a smart person with an open mind.”

Does she worry about the rumors? They’re not effective with her. “All human beings make mistakes.”

She watches the debates, and the news on TV. Now she’s off to help a friend find early-voting sites in Palm Beach County.

Welcome, New Voter Martha Lozano!

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