Saturday, October 18, 2008

First votes for Obama will come after camping out at polling place

A guest blogger reports:

Dara Schoenwald and Dave Doebler lend new meaning to the phrase "opposites attract." Schoenwald, 32, is petite, red-headed cultural anthropologist for an advertising agency. Among her passions are outdoor music festivals, dancing barefoot, and participating in the emerging local arts scene. Doebler, 36, is a 6-foot-3 software sales executive. He enjoys reading, barbecueing, and rare, fine wines.

However, Schoenwald and Doebler agree on their pick for the upcoming presidential election. In fact, the couple has made a pact to camp outside the steps of the Miami Beach City Hall Sunday night Oct. 19, in hopes that they will be the first Floridians to cast their votes for Obama, when the early voting polls open on 7a.m. Monday.

"I don't want to wait until November 4th," says Doebler. "By voting early, we get to beat the long lines. Also, we are already taking Election Day off from work to volunteer by driving people to the polls. We are very excited to be the first ones in Florida to pull the lever for Senator Obama."

Schoenwald credits the Obama campaign for producing a groundswell of support in South Florida, especially among young people. "I believe in Obama's message of change for our country." says Schoenwald. "No other presidential election has excited me as much as this one. After eight years of Bush in the White House, I think South Florida is ready for a switch to more progressive and informed governance."

Among the items that Schoenwald and Doebler plan to pack for their overnight stay: a sturdy tent, a sleeping bag for two, bug spray, and their iPods, which will feature official campaign music "Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement."

Miami Beach residents are encouraged to join the couple, in order to demonstrate community support and unity for this groundbreaking presidential election. To participate, contact Dara Schoenwald at

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