Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Earth to McCain: The answer is zero

This was the moment I'm remembering from tonight's debate: When Barack Obama left John McCain with his mouth hanging open.

Obama had answered this question in the previous debate also, though McCain, with his hearing even worse than mine, hadn't heard the answer. Of course, Obama had disguised it a little by saying he'd exempt small businesses from the requirement. McCain, with his brainpower even worse than mine, hadn't understood that exemption meant no fine, zero. Now he knows, and sooner or later he'll snap his mouth shut.

Now, a little report on a moment I'll remember from before the debate. Walking along Lincoln Road Mall in South Beach, one of the cooler places on the planet, I was heading for Gemma Lounge to watch the debate with a cool clutch of Obama supporters. I was a block away from Gemma when a jerk sitting at one of the cafe tables noticed my T-shirt with "I Blog for Obama" written on it. "McCain!" he yelled out. I turned, saw this bulky guy about 30 years younger than me, and opened my arms and said with a smile, "Your privilege." His response was to yell "Traitor!" at me.

So I took it a little personally when in the debate John McCain said "categorically, I'm proud of the people that come to our rallies."

There are way too many violent types among them, too many in this country who do not know the relation between words and action, words and instigation. They might take instruction, though, if their hero would say, Boys, you girls too, in fact, maybe especially you women, You ought to think before you speak.


eldesaparecido said...

Yah, I agree. At a Canes game a week ago I almost got into a scrap with some McCain supporters simply for chanting Obama outside the stadium. What I can't understand is why McCain supporters never have a REAL reason for voting for him. Maverick.

Blind Mind said...

McCain supporters are one of two things. Rich or Dumb. Thats about it. Why do you think Palin is involved and they keep talking about "Joe Six Pack" and "Joe the Plumber"? Apparently, they believe if your name is Joe than you are struggling to make ends meet. These are the people they try to control with buzzwords and catchphrases because these are the people who wont do their research, wont listen to the debates, and if they do their attention span is so limited that buzzwords and catchphrases are all that register.

McCain supporters are just bitter at this point.