Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adopt five people and get them to vote

In case you're living in a cave and not receiving Obama campaign emails, here's one of their better ideas.

Adopt five people and encourage them to vote for Obama.

And make sure you click through to this link and read the one simple page enumerating five types of people who should be voting in greater numbers.

You know some of them. You know five of them. Ask them if they're voting early. Ask them until they give up and do it.

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Anonymous said...


Miami (PRWEB) Oct 30, 2008 – After several weeks and over 75,000 views on YouTube, JK Citizen’s “Rock The Vote America” has caught on internationally.

A search on Google brought us to over 3,900 postings and Yahoo produced over 5,000. The US, Europe, Asia, Middle East and even Sri Lanka.

So just who is JK Citizen?

The Miami based Hip Roc artist was first launched onto the scene after
his video debut in September. It was a simple idea. Write a song. Make a video. Post it on YouTube and a few other video websites. Get young people to vote.

So what could go wrong (or right)?

JK found himself in the limelight and surrounded by debate after what some have perceived as his portrayal of Presidential Nominee Barack Obama and the newest accusations that this is an attempt to swing the vote Obama’s way. Some political insiders say that the coined “silent song” can have significant influence over the amount of young voters.

In a recent telephone interview JK Citizen responded “I wrote the song to get young people to vote and not to portray either candidate but obviously the color of my skin has something to do with it.

If Senator McCain was my skin color, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion. If you listen to the lyrics it’s all about making a change and the power of rocking your vote.

Most important of all, it’s about letting both candidates know that no matter who gets elected, that its time for change and that they have to make it right Mr. President.”

In the midst of overwhelming controversy as well as support JK is keeping a positive attitude and an unbiased opinion. He is currently performing several shows all to raise voting awareness and voter registration.

When asked about how all this is turning out JK said “It’s all about turning a negative into a positive and remembering all the people who understand this is our world and our future. Stand up and vote America. Lead by example and be proud to set a great example for the rest of the world.”

JK Citizen’s “Rock The Vote America” can be found everywhere on the net
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