Monday, October 06, 2008

Jay-Z in Bayfront Park, Miami. The slide show

The previous post was a photo sent as an email from my iPhone during the concert. Can't make out a thing, you sneer? Well, yes, it's a primitive camera without any zoom capability, but I try it from time to time to approximate live blogging, which requires better typing than I can muster.

But I also took a lot of pix with a better camera and now at home I've picked out five of them and uploaded them to Picasa and am embedding them here for your viewing.

To see the photos full-size, click on the lower right corner of the photo and then click again on the little icon under the corner. Then click on the album name, and you can see more of the lightshow.

Some out there have laughed at my toe-dip into the hip hop world. I can only assert that I've been into music since kindergarten, and in the '60s I had an LP with the Last Poets on it -- a forerunner of hip hop. Saw some lightshows, too. The smoke Sunday night in Bayfront smelled familiar from all those events of a half-century ago, but the lightshow was beyond amazing. I hope these photos suggest what it was like.

Bravo, Jay-Z! And the opening act was Wyclef Jean, who also was terrific.

Oh, and of course the idea was to promote registering to vote and to vote for Barack Obama. There will be another free concert at midday Monday, same place, same theme.

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