Sunday, October 05, 2008

Be a Bold Progressive. Take the pledge

I did it. I'm going to pass it around, too. The prospect of having a pretty good president come November but a Congress full of Liebermans and Hoyers is keeping me awake at night.

Along comes Matt Stoller on his blog, Open Left, with a timely idea to help me sleep better. And he has allies in the blogosphere.

The idea is to have lots of people sign a pledge to demand bold progressive policies from the next U.S. government. Here's the link to the pledge.

This is the link to the Open Left post on this project.

I'm going to pop this up on the Florida Progressive Coalition blog, too, if it's not up already, and maneuver it onto Facebook, as suggested on Open Left.

There's a little box at the bottom of the pledge-signing form that asks the signer to say what progressive means. My comment was that it would probably mean fighting Obama over Afghanistan. Which is fit to become another occupation.

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