Wednesday, October 01, 2008

“Awesome numbers” for Joe Garcia, and look at Barack: Up 22 points

This one on DailyKos slipped by the other day, so some of you may already have memorized this good news. It was referred to in yesterday’s post here about the two races that Joe Garcia and Raul Martinez are mounting against the Diaz-Balart rubber-stamp brothers.

Kos himself looks at the polling for FL-25 and called it “awesome numbers” for Garcia – awesome in that Mario Diaz-Balart is well under 50 percent. He’s polling 45 to Garcia’s 41, which means stepping on the gas for these final five weeks, right, Joe?.

A key factor, Kos says, is that Barack Obama’s campaign is accelerating, too, and while the Democratic presidential candidate may be well behind in the congressional district, he has surged to a 22-point lead in Southeast Florida, from 12 points up in an earlier poll.

Some of the details are available on the Survey USA website, for those who want to know how Aunt Augusta responded.

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