Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sorry, no room for you. You are poor.

Miami-Dade is under going a dirty secret the county has ignored for too long:

Housing is not for you if you make under a certain amount.

Why does this matter to you if college kids, seniors and the working poor have nowhere to go?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

It doesnt matter if you already have a home, company pays your rent or you live with a spouse or partner.
I have often wondered why county manager Burgess has retained his job even a somewhat less then stirling preformance in the last mayor's proformance.
It would seem counter-growth to Miami-Dade's future that their is no current protection in terms of lower-income housing for the county. Exactly where are the people that clean our city, serve our food, and sell us our essentials supposed to live?

Oh right, they are supposed to live in conditions worse then prisons in county jail and smile about it.

We as the democratic party have a moral responsibility to the least members of our society.

We are the political descendants of FDR and Kennedy/Johnson. And our local focus away from affordible housing is a slap to the face of that legacy. We can point fingers and blame the republicans siting in key points of public office(partly because of our county's backward constitutional declaration of non-partisan races in the county), but that remains our responsiblity to maintain pressure on local government once elected and not just talk during the campaigns. It remains the duty of those with the ability to influence our elected government to speak for both the justice in protecting those without the ability to be heard AND the future economic viability of our county.

Especially Miami-Dade which is the soft-landing point for so many new Americans from the Carribean along with Latin and Central America. What is it that we are saying to them? The county has changed alot from the place alot of us or parents came to even as late as eight years ago. We are more congested, things are more expensive and the schools are worse then that time. Frankly; if i knew better and was imigrating to this country, i would go elsewhere right now because of the reasons listed. But mostly, its because i would know that i could forget home ownership(in the seval hundreds of thousands of dollars starting) and live on the hope that the least of the most basic living rentals is on the top edge of my ability to pay based on minimum wage.

America is still the land of promise.

I refuse to give into the thinking that it is no longer that way. I refuse to live in a county and country that now makes that same belief somehow antiquated and somehow archaic. I do live in a county that produces a economy that topples thirteen other states in the union.

Do you live in the county that can manage its own planning effectively?

Or are we just a plot of land that is for the profit of land developers to have a their fire sales on expensive homes, leave us to the consequences of block-busting nieghborhoods.

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