Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Early voting polls now open.

Hello everyone!

Today begins the early voting process.
And as democrats; you have several choices to makes for the primaries.

First, you have two candidates for governor:

The first is federal congressman Jim Davis.
To visit Mr. Davis's website click here

The second is Florida state senator Rod Smith.

To visit Mr. Smith's website click here

We are tremendously lucky to have two fantastic candidates with real differences to choose from, our opposition has a contest on which candidate resembles the current governor. "I have his eyes" or "I have his hair"...good Lord, save us the show! We need to come together quickly and strongly after this primary and provide the winner with our full support.

For the attorney general we also have two candidates.

First is a Florida state senator Walter "Skip" Campbell.
His website is here

The second is attorney Merrilee Ehrlich. My appology, but there is further website I can direct you to.

Perhaps it is not appropiate for us to comment on the Villalobas/Bolanos, but i will say that this is one of the most important things to watch even as a democrat. This is because this is direction that the Florida republican congress will take and how it effects our chance of coming to solutions across the party divide in Tallahassee.

We have many non-partisan circuit and county judge's races as well. Additionally; the include three brand new seats in the circuit judges racces. I am trying to send out a basic questionaire of five or six broad questions that they can answer. The rules of information are very strict to maintain the non-partisanship of the races.

However; I feel that the democratic voters should be able to know the judges alittle more closely regardless of the nature of the candidates.
*Note that the results and answers that I repost here DO NOT mean indorsement by either the Democratic party of Miami-Dade or this blog that represents it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info...!

James Willoughby said...

Hey Raul, doing a good job on these blogs. Really like this one...

Anonymous said...

why is it that nobody is talking about thursdays ruling of judge tredwick for the right of voters cast ballot be counted in the judge races for circuit court in the group 78,,here we have a classic example where the people vote must be counted and a judge said yes on his ruling,,this is not 2000 lets not forget

Robert M said...

Please help.

I am now lost as to who to vote for in next weeks Governor race. I was a strong Smith supporter until today when I watched a video of him answering questions about his own home town and the election fraud alleged regarding his friends there (and he represents them in the Senate).


I want to elect people who will fix Florida's elections. That is why I was so strong a supporter of Rod Smith when he came out with his election reform platform.

But now I am not sure if I can believe his campaign promises if he can't even fight for fair electiosn in his own town, when he is their Senator, and when he admits his friends are in charge there.

Who can we vote for next week if we want to reform elections and voting?