Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Congressman, what color of conservatism is your pork?

Last night at the forum held by the kendall ass. of home owners; quite a few candidates were either there or running.

This included a number of community councilpeople election candidates and a flurry of judges.

But the primary reason alot of people showed in the meeting was the forum held for the congressional seat encompassing most of the area.

Micheal Calderin( website) is a fresh face with the daunting task of opposing a well-connected emcumbent in the form of Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart.

During a strange session of claiming to be working hard at reducing items from the budget, but also 'delivering goods for south florida'...it seemed, at best, a message tailored for those only listening for their personal pet issues. I wondered what type of conservatism brags about reducing spending and delivering pork in the same sentence.

Micheal gave a good accounting and came out with strong statements to the cheers of the crowd. A small personal history with outline of goals when elected. Mr. Diaz-Balart seemed dismissive of the crowd's mood at first...including a halfhearted attempt at calling the estate tax the 'death' tax. He was yelled at by more then a few members of the crowd at this poor ploy at word games.

Later during the question period, was thoroughly pounded by nearly every question. More laughter ensued by at the answers that seemed cloned from the RNC playbook. At the mention of 2005 job growth being the best ever year, one young man muttered "go walmart!"...to the laughter of the crowd as Mario sat down.

Considering that this was a 'seasoned' politician against a first timer in the political arena, it was amazing to see the weakness in the republican hold on these seats...the more they appear...the weaker they will appear.

Micheal needs our support however to continue his bid for the seat effectively, please visit his website and see what you can do to help!

Suffice to say that the myth invulnerability of Diaz-balart family has been laid bare.

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