Monday, August 28, 2006

Good Morning, Miami-Dade!

Today we have our candidate for Florida's 25th district debating the incumbent in a forum setting:

WHO: Democratic Congressional Candidate Michael Calderin and incumbent Mario Diaz-Balart

WHEN: Monday, August 28th @ 7pm...Get there early to get a seat!

WHERE: Kendall Village Center - 8625 SW 124th Avenue on Kendall Drive, just west of the Turnpike (behind Bahama Breeze).

I will be there myself(handsome face and all...) and blog about the event tonight afterwards!
Come and support Micheal tonight, if you can!

We have also received some responses from a few judge candidates.

First is Rima Bardawil running for Circuit Court Judge(#82) .

I believe that my strong academic background coupled with my strong
work ethic and active work experience as a civil litigator and appellate
attorney make me qualified. Specifically, I have been a very active
and successful civil litigator personally handling all aspects of civil
cases, trials, and all aspects of appellate work as well. In addition,
I have contributed a tremendous amount of my work time to pro bono
work to help those that would be improperly denied just access to the
courts. That same desire to give equality and respect to all regardless
of race, gender, religion, or financial ability will continue to be
integral to me in my administration of justice if/when elected to the
bench. . I am also a person of very high integrity and fairness. I hope
to be able to bring some of the integrity and fairness back that seems
to be slipping from certain areas of the judiciary. Moreover, believe
that my stellar academic background distinguishes me from the other
candidates in my race. That same high level of achievement I have brought
to the practice of law, I would be so proud and excited to bring with
me as a Judge.


*- Valedictorian of St. Thomas School of Law Class of 1997 (First in
*- High Honors
*- West Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award
*- St. Thomas Academic Scholarship
*- Dean's List
*- Law Review
*- International Moot Court
*- ATLA (American Trial Lawyers Association)

*- Book Awards (Top Grade) in the Following Classes: Advanced Legal
Research and Writing, Constitutional Law, Corporations, Employment
Discrimination, Family Law, Federal Courts, First Amendment Law, Intellectual
Property, Labor Law, Property II, and Sixth Amendment Law

*- Ranked First for Moot Court Oral Argument in Appellate Advocacy
*- Ranked “Great all Around” in Trial Advocacy Program
*- First Place Winner of the American Trial Lawyers Competition
*-Saint Thomas Appointed Academic Tutor
*- Appointed Honorary Member of Peter T. Fay American Inns of Court


Finally, I hope to bring more equality to the courts for all those that
come before me. I hope to set a standard of the high level of quality
that should be found in judges. I hope to be able to bring some of
the integrity back that seems to be slipping from certain areas of the
judiciary. I also hope to start in the areas of juvenile, delinquency
and the dependency courts so that I can make an impact on young children
who need guidance and could have a chance at turning their lives around
and become positive members of society (as I mentor many children to
do better in school).

I also hope to advance to the appellate courts and maybe to the Florida
Supreme Court or higher where I can be instrumental in ensuring that
the law treats ALL with dignity, equality and respect.

I am proud to tell you all that I received the following Endorsements:

*The Miami Herald, *National
Women’s Political Caucus of Miami

*The Fraternal Order of Police *Wilke D. Ferguson
Bar Association

*Concerned Citizens of North East Dade


Again, we do not support or endorse any candidate for the judge races, we simply try and provide a little more information on the relevant backgrounds of the candidates to our readers. Over the next few days i will publish more responses as i receive them.


Robert M said...

Please help.

I am now lost as to who to vote for in next weeks Governor race. I was a strong Smith supporter until today when I watched a video of him answering questions about his own home town and the election fraud alleged regarding his friends there (and he represents them in the Senate).

I want to elect people who will fix Florida's elections. That is why I was so strong a supporter of Rod Smith when he came out with his election reform platform.

But now I am not sure if I can believe his campaign promises if he can't even fight for fair electiosn in his own town, when he is their Senator, and when he admits his friends are in charge there.

Who can we vote for next week if we want to reform elections and voting?

Georgi Blumenthal said...

Fellow Democrats,

Below are two links to two blog postings about the debate between Michael Calderin and Mario Diaz-Balart.

Michael was the clear winner!,

Thank you for all your support

Georgi Blumenthal
Campaign Manager, Calderin for the Future