Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shooting women and laughing at it...another fine FTAA moment

This article today appears is shocking. I remember the FTAA police state well, the current mayor of Miami-Dade is responsible for the injuries of many innocents. They hurt women, union workers, teenagers...

And all to defend the corrupted policies of this president's adminstration...selling out american workers and rewarding multinational Corps.

including this woman:

This is a coral gables attorney, her name is Elizabeth Ritter. She went to the protest in a red business suit and had a sign. Does she look like a threat to you?

You can witness the video in which they laugh about the tapes and the injured woman. She was shot 5 times with rubber bullets and once in the head.

One man says during the video "Did I get a piece of her red dress?"

This is the Miami-Dade Mayor's office: (305)-375-5071
This is the Broward Sheriff's office: (954) 831-8900

The senior officers from BSO have had no disciplinary actions taken.

The Mayor was the senior most officer in charge of the incident that day, in the end he was responsible for the actions of his officers. He avoided much attention for this during the political campaign on this issue, his re-election is in 2008...remind the office of that fact.

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Anonymous said...

This was a horrible event - I think all reasonable people can agree with that.

Why wasn't it made an issue in elections the following year?