Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First post: some ground rules

Hello and welcome to the Miami Dade Democratic Executive Commitee's official blogspot...


Now thats a wordy title, no?

I just want to set some ground rules to responses and content here.

1.) We will not tolerate cuss language or bar room talk.
We want to present a place that is as confortible to each reader as it would be to those readers children and parents. Passion is needed must for political discussion, but so is civility towards each other.
2.) We will discuss issues concerning Miami-Dade county, they take presidence over national issues.
In essence; Miami-Dade issues first before the state and then national issues. This is our home, our family, our businesses, and our pride. While many people are elected in a non-partisan manner, all local politicians can be held to account for our Democratic party's ideals and hopes for the county.
3.) Trolling is the diliberate act of degrading the conversation and picking fights pointlessly.
We will be deciding which posters need warnings and which need to be removed. This is not a issue of free speech, its is a issue of respect.
4.) Regular weekly features will be revealed shortly.
Be pacient with our staff, we are trying to do the best we can. We welcome feedback and commentary. All such comments will be taken into account and your opinions will not be ignored.

Thank you and enjoy!

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