Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tea Party takes up our way of political organizing

Live from Nashville, folks. This is the Tea Party convention on C-Span Saturday afternoon. I lucked into it during a session on organizing to get out the kind of vote they want. Their website:
Turns out they’re taking a leaf from Organizing for America – formerly Obama for America, i.e. our Democratic Party – and they’ll be using it this year to elect candidates “who adhere to Constitutional principles of limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms."
That's the kind of stuff I believe in, too, but we know that's not all they have in mind. They didn't mention human rights, prosperity, peace, security or baseball and apple pie. Not my cup of tea.
Read on, and you’ll see that they think only 20 percent of voters are liberal. Thus is their connection to reality, and long may they labor on that presumption. Nonetheless, it seems their scorn for community organizing now is a thing of the past. Call it a flipflop. Bye bye, Rudy G.

Precinct Organizing is a process, not to be confused with certain precinct-related initiatives such as electing Political Party Precinct Executives / Central Committee Members. While Precinct Organizing can impact 2010 elections, Political Party Precinct Executives / Central Committee Members elected in 2010 Primaries will not be able to impact Political Party candidate selection and funding until the 2012 elections.
With only 20% of the voters being Liberal, Democrats gained control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate in 2008 using this Precinct Organizing methodology which they called Organizing for America. Just think what can be accomplished by engaging and mobilizing the 76% of voters who consider themselves Conservatives or Moderates and who have decided to be the “Silent Majority” no more!

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