Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Herald buries story of Alex Sink's big turn against big banks

Your blogger is admitting here that he was dubious about Alex Sink's banking background -- Is it a good qualification for Florida's governorship at a time when banks have led the United States to the brink of disaster?

Now I see the light. Alex Sink on Tuesday ripped into the state's chief financial regulator -- someone she nominated for the job -- and said he hadn't aggressively pursued litigation against the Bank of America. BofA -- that's her former employer!

And where did the Miami Herald place this story? On page 4 of the local section. So here I'm posting the link to the St. Petersburg Times' story instead of the Herald's reprint of the St. Pete story.

There was room on the Herald's front page for a Tallahassee story, but instead of the Democratic candidate for governor and her sharp words at a cabinet meeting, we Herald readers of the front page got a featurish story about texting while driving.

Your blogger calls a foul.

And I'm thinking it's a schizo day when our Democratic candidate for governor seems more combative about big banks than our Democratic president. Sorry to point it out, but I'm getting this from Simon Johnson on Huffington Post, and it doesn't make me happy.

Nonetheless, it's great to see Sink raising her game against the world of finance that she must know very well. This blog has tried repeatedly to say much more needs to be done about the way Florida has been ripped off by Wall Street. It's good to see Alex Sink quoted as saying:

"My main frustration ... is the sense of do-nothingness and inaction in the face of all sorts of scams in our state."

That gets a big fist-pump and YES!

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