Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sen LeMieux voted with Dems for cloture on jobs bill

Interesting that our stand-in Republican US Senator, George LeMieux, was in the R-crowd that joined Dems in voting for cloture today on the jobs bill.

A Daily Kos post on it:

Would this reflect what his alter ego, Charlie Crist, would do in in the Senate? We can think so, since the former governor, Jeb Bush, who's also a former worker for Lehman the failed investment bank, thinks it's unforgivable that Crist wanted jobs for Florida coming from the stimulus bill. Jeb, we understand, only favored Wall Street bailouts, not the Main Street stimulus.

Gosh, what does this say about our Jebbie, the popular governor? And about Marco Rubio, his guy for the Senate?

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Luis C. Isaza E said...

Larry you make a very good point.

Last year, referring to Marco Rubio's candidacy for congress,I wrote on my blog: "The thought of any more Florida Republicans in Congress is enough to make any thoughtful Democrat have a sudden attack of what will probably feel like “swine-flu”. The question is whether we Democrats are prepared to do the necessary work to win the senatorial race, and not give the “Limbaugh boys” a chance to continue the kind of policies they have implemented in the State with the unacceptable results that we are all seeing."

That comment was made almost a year ago. Now we know where we are heading with Rubio's agenda. He failed all Floridians as speaker of the House and protegee of Jeff Bush, and now he wants to go to Congress under the same Bush umbrella to continue the same policies that have made the economy of Florida a complete disaster. Something I did not even see possible in May last year, was that he was not only going to continue with the Bush policies, but was going to embrace the thinking and strategies of the Tea Party members, and Jim Demint from South Carolina. Compared to Rubio, Charlie Crist is a liberal Democrat.

In the same blog, I also wrote: "It is time for the Miami-Dade Democratic Party to assume the leadership and the responsibility in planning winning strategies and in directing the efforts of the registered voters to get our candidates elected. The best thing the leadership can do to ensure success, is to take into account what the voters think and what they can do for the party. It seems to me that just asking for donations and/or criticizing the extreme right of the Republican Party is not the right strategy for Democrats."

We are still trying to convince Joe Garcia to run for that Senate seat. Can we Democrats here in Miami-Dade do anything to get our candidates elected other than asking for donations? We are in trouble, Larry.

In the meantime, Rubio will continue getting national exposure and making the "tea-baggers" cry of emotion and hope, as they see in him the next Ronald Reagan in our national politics.