Friday, February 12, 2010

Republican hypocrisy: Learn all about it

In the spirit of non-bipartisanship -- which is about to come down on us from the Obama administration, I do believe -- your blogger offers two current rundowns of how bad today's national Republicans are on the hypocrisy scale.

First is Friday's  column by Paul Krugman in the NY Times, focusing on the untruths the Republicans foist on the public regarding Medicare.

Next is Rachel Maddow's recent rip into the Republicans on what they say and do about the stimulus.

This came to my attention on Facebook. The Republican version of it is called Two-Facedbook. 

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Luis C. Isaza said...

Thank you Larry for bringing these articles to the site for all MDCDEC members to see.

What Paul Crugman is writing about is one of the most important issues we are debating now in this country. If we let the Republicans succeed, and privatize Social Security and change Medicare the way they want, welcome to the biggest Banana Republic in the World: The United States of America.

Just let the same people who caused, or did not do anything to prevent the financial crisis we just went through, manage your retirement assets. You will find out what kind of retirement you will have in your later years, after these "free market worshippers" loose all your savings speculating in "insured" (by the AIG likes) fancy financial derivatives.

Thanks, again, Larry. As always, you are on top of things.