Thursday, February 04, 2010

Our office moves from Doral to Miami Beach

The U-Haul is full. Moving on Friday morning to 801 Arthur Godfrey Drive in Miami Beach. Volunteers welcome to help unload and fill the new office. Call 305-477-4994 if need more details.

The photo shows Dave Patlak, interim operations director, and Daisy Black, our first vice chair. Also working were Kristin Wipior and Barbara Schwartz,stalwart volunteers. Your blogger ran the camera and a hand truck.

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Luis C. Isaza E said...

I do not know how many fellow Democrats have taken the time to thank you guys for your efforts in moving the party's office from
Doral to the new location. It must have been no easy effort, knowing the condition that office was in. But you guys deserve a big thanks from all of us. Just wanted to let you know all of us appreciate what you have done with your example: quit complaining and get to work.