Thursday, June 12, 2008

Suggested campaign strategy

Guest Blogger Charlotte Klieman, one of our most energetic campaigners, offers the following as a plan to contact voters. She is secretary of the Miami-Dade party's Executive Committee. The dates in her plan are weekends through the summer.

May I suggest a campaign strategy, whether or not the Obama people supercede or work in tandem with it, because time is whizzing by. Aside from the ultimate November election, there is an important August election with crucial amendment concerns that our local party should step up to lead. Here is my plan, culled - in part - from some known ideas. I hope the powers-that-be would consider it - sooner rather than later because, as we all know, these are very serious times.

A. 6/12-6/13 = DECIDE on targeted precincts.

B. DISTRIBUTION (@300 DEC members)- language as a factor. 6/14-6/15 = Email/land mail to each DEC member or club/caucus member (vanner) a list of 100 voters of the targeted precincts, requesting that each member generates VAN responses to at least 50 by end of week (6/20). Vanners transmit completed responses to select group of data-entry people. 6/21-6/22 = second set distributed

6/28-6/29 = third set

7/5-7/6 = fourth set

7/12-7/13 = fifth set

7/19-7/20 = sixth set

7/26-7/27 = seventh set


The @300 DEC/club/caucus members are divided among a core of 15 DEC members. Each of the core contacts 20 members during the afore-mentioned weekends, verifies the names of the completed contacts, and advises vanners to keep any non-completed contacts for future completion and/or pick-up. Core group reporting to Campaign Committee member.

Completed contacts = first 50 = prize; first 100 = prize;

Then, prizes in increments of 100.

Examples of prizes = certificate, photo with "politico", campaign items.

D. ENDORSEMENTS. At July 7th DEC meeting, (a) prizes distributed,

(b) focusing on half of the August ballot initiatives, a proponent and opponent of each will present their case (time-limited), and the DEC membership at that meeting will decide on respective endorsements. At the August 4th meeting, (a) prizes distributed, (b) the other half of the initiatives will likewise be addressed. E. After the August meeting, each vanner contacts voters from his lists, and promotes amendment votes, reflecting DEC endorsements. F. Same core of 15 DEC members will oversee this endorsement outreach, by contacting their respective 20 members in a timely way. G. At the Labor Day Picnic (a) prizes distributed (for VAN or for endorsement outreach). H. After Labor Day Picnic, system of DISTRIBUTION & ACCOUNTABILITY resumed as applied to other voter groupings.

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