Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Obama campaign in Florida gets going

We have a poster, a bumper sticker, a T-shirt design, a coffee cup. And a work of political art. By David Schor. Its title is "The Fabric of America."

I bought a coffee mug and had a cuppa this morning from it. Delicious. Colorful. Beautiful. A better mug of coffee. And your Miami-Dade Democratic Party will benefit from sales!

If you look closely at the faces in the painting by David Schor, artist resident in Miami, you should see some of your political friends, Joe Garcia, John Hornbuckle ...

Go to Miami-Dade Democrats or to David Schor's website and decide yourself what to order to brighten your life and contribute.

That introduced the Art section of the Obama campaign.

Next is the Florida campaign director, Steve Schale. Click on this link for a long Internet radio interview with the new head of the Barack Obama campaign in Florida.

You may have to log in or open an account – worth doing! Florida Progressive Radio is one of the new things you should become familiar with in this campaign year.

Thanks to Kenneth Quinnell and Alison Berke Morano for doing this Internet radio interview with Steve Schale, who knows Florida well and is about to blanket the state with Obama staff and volunteers. If you want to know what’s up and how to help it get rolling, listen and learn.

One idea to put in the bank: If Obama wins Florida, he’s president.

The co-hosts of this show are:

  • Kenny Quinnell leads the Florida Progressive Coalition, teaches political science in Tallahassee and does a zillion other things to move Democratic politics along in Florida.
  • Alison Berke Morano is chair of the Democratic Executive Committee in Pasco County in the Tampa Bay area and was installed in the Florida Progressive Hall of Fame at the recent Jefferson-Jackson Day event held in South Florida.
UPDATE: The Miami Herald on Monday also has a long feature on Steve Schale, p. 1. This concluded the two-parter on the Florida heads of the two campaigns. On Sunday the McCain boss, Arlene DiBenigno, was featured. She's a protege of -- who else? -- Jeb Bush. This is another reason for me to want Obama to win Florida BigTime.

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