Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama+Facebook=Bumper sticker

A little while ago I got this Facebook message from MoveOn saying I could get a free Obama bumper sticker by clicking on a link. I did it and decided to go for a $25 donation and get 100 Obama bumper stickers. Soon came another message from MoveOn saying it took only 30 minutes to have 1,000 people join that group. Great!

Now, here's your chance to climb aboard: Click on this link and join up.

UPDATE: The Obama campaign emails with news that the McCain campaign raised $21 in May, along with $23.7 million raised in partnership with the Republican National Committee. Bottom line: Please give to the Obama campaign, and don't wait. As to the first paragraph above, don't go for the free single bumper sticker -- get more stickers by giving some money. is a link that lets your money be matched by money from another donor. Cool doubling.

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