Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Howard Dean raising funds on the Beach

Howard Dean meets with South Florida Democrats, including our own Seth Sklarey (the beard).

Fundraisers open to news media. That was a footnote to the Barack Obama campaign soon after he won the (presumptive) nomination … when was it? – months ago. No, wait. It was only two weeks ago. Seems a long time, doesn’t it.

One of the changes announced as Obama took the reins was to take the wraps off fundraisers. So tonight I was there blogging along with a bunch of TV cameras at Gemma on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. I just now watched the 11 p.m. news on CBS 4, and they blasted out a few sentences of Howard Dean’s pep talk to a throng of mostly youngish Obama people. It seems that opening up to news media doesn’t include a good sound feed, so it was quite over-modulated. (Technical talk.) They broadcast it anyway.

For those who saw the TV report and wondered what happened, here’s the skinny:

  • Campaigns merging. No more separate DNC and Obama campaign. “The Obama campaign is a delight to work with,” DNC Chairman Howard Dean said, and the merger will be complete in a few days.
  • No Money from PACS. “This is a real change” for the DNC. Your donations are ever more essential.
  • Voter File. “The more we use it the better it gets.” Get out there and knock on doors and call voters and find out what moves them. Everyone should sign up for the campaign’s neighborhood volunteer program and contact at least 25 neighbors. Then do it three or four more times. The internet is great, but “personal connections trump everything.”
  • Dean on our Congressional candidates. The three of them -- Joe Garcia, Raul Martinez and Annette Taddeo -- will win on a big Obama victory. And by the way, watch this space for news of who’s getting endorsed by organized labor and who’s getting Red to Blue. This will be hot news, and good news.
  • The new president (Obama) will have two main jobs. (1) “Heal America” and end “divisive politics.” (2) And restore America’s moral authority so that we can help warring nations find solutions to their conflicts. Somehow, I guess, the president will also end the war, fix the environment, save the economy and deal with health care, education, energy, steroids in sports and double-parking.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Roll Call and Swing State Project have already slipped the news of Joe & Raul being added to Red to Blue.