Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another bite at the apple

If you missed your chance to become a Florida delegate to the August convention in Denver, you have about ... four hours to make up for it. Barack Obama is exercising his right to review the delegation the state will send out west, and folks who have been down with the "O" but who weren't selected as delegates can apply to run during this second chance period, which ends Thursday (that's today) at 5 p.m. The details from the party are as follows:
The application period for Democrats interested in running for one of Florida's 16 at-large pledged delegates, 10 pledged PLEO delegates and 2 at-large pledged alternates for Senator Barack Obama has been extended to maximize participation at this summer's national convention.

To qualify, interested Democrats must have been registered voters in Florida as of December 31, 2007 (the closing date for voting in the January 29 primary).

Last month's DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee decision to reinstate the Florida delegation offered Presidential candidates the opportunity to extend the delegate selection process, but today's announcement doesn't affect the dozens of delegates elected at district level meetings held across the state of Florida.

The Obama campaign has opted to extend the PLEO, at-large and at-large alternate delegate selection process, but the current district-level delegates pledged to Obama will remain. Delegates pledged to other candidates are not affected by this. Also, Democrats who applied previously for PLEO and At-Large slots do not need to re-apply to be considered.

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Larry Thorson said...

I was one who put in my application. An hour before the deadline. Waste of effort. The slate was already locked up, but maybe there's a score-keeper somewhere who will note that Larry and quite a few other Democrats will try when these offers are made public. And at some future point we will require an actual vote on who represents us at conventions.