Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today is the day to lobby our Senators on health care

Obama-linked activist group to target Nelson, Martinez in health care rallies

Hey, that's us! We Democrats and allies are making news up there in Tallahassee with plans to be at our senators' offices around the state today lobbying for strong reform of health care. Not the first time, either. We've been at the offices of Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez repeatedly on this issue.

Come out at 4 p.m. to Nelson's office at 2925 Salzedo St. in Coral Gables. Health professionals: please wear your scrubs.

UPDATE: In case you don't have their numbers, here they are:
  • Sen. Bill Nelson at 202-224-5274.
  • Sen. Mel Martinez at 202-224-3041.
They just came in an email from OFA urging that we all call our senators and lobby for health reform.

AND FYI: I took part this morning in a news conference call with Peter Orszag, head of the White House budget office. Among the questioners was the Miami Herald's Lesley Clark, who asked Orzag what he thought of having Democrats put pressure on their Democratic senators such as Bill Nelson. Orszab declined to respond saying he's not licensed to do politics.

You could ask us at Sen. Nelson's office in Coral Gables this afternoon, Ms. Clark. You would hear that we want leadership from Sen. Nelson toward the goal of a strong public option for health reform. We put him in office and want to give him advice and hear his consent.

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