Friday, July 24, 2009

Sen. Bill Nelson is lobbied again on health care

Bigger crowd than last time -- Thanks to the many who turned out for Friday's meeting outside Sen. Bill Nelson's office in Coral Gables to push for a strong public option in health reform.

Here's my video report with a moving narrative by Miami Beach resident Isabel M. de la Rionda on how her husband lost his job and health insurance, and then had a mild heart attack.

Thank you, Ms. de la Rionda, for telling your story.

Our gathering seems to win approval from many who drove by and honked and waved. A few, however, apparently had drunk the Kool-Aid and believed in magic. "Get a job," was a characteristic yell. Well yes! Get a job. Has he noticed that millions of hard-working people have lost their jobs for no fault of their own? What magic will bring a job? And what magic will pay the medical bill while the unemployed wait for coverage in their next position? And will they get coverage for the heart attack they had in the last job?

This is the reality of hard times. Today's hard times. People still get sick even if they were happy with the health coverage they used to have when they used to have a job.

The case for universal coverage grows stronger every day.

UPDATE: Here's a link to the Miami Herald's story on the event. The comments run on and on, revealing the large crowd that has drunk the far-right Kool-Aid.

ALSO: I am uncomfortable about giving any hits to this anti-health-care doctor, but we should know the caliber of our opposition. Here's a link to the now-withdrawing doctor who passed along a photo-shop of President Obama as a witch doctor. In other words, they will stop at nothing.

And Channel 4: Our event at Sen. Nelson's office provided a lot of footage for a comprehensive report by Michael Williams broadcast on Channel 4.


concernedcitizen said...

As many might think this is senseless, I tell you wait till someone you love is in need. When you cannot afford health coverage and whenyou do not have the money for a ER visit or doctors visit what do you do? What you do is what I call the poor mans Healthcare Plan. Thats what I have it is pretty straight, stay home have lemon, honey and tylenol. Thats it. I was not at the rally becuase I was ill. I have a bad cold and could not make it. Can't go to a Doctor or Hospital. Called around to see if a clinic would do something everyone said appointment or Jackson. So my options were stay home and sweat it out or got to Jackson and wait probably till Sunday to be seen. Guess what? Still at home, luckily its a bad cold becuase if not were would I be. I make decent money, I am an Electrician but with that is not enough. If you have good health care good for you, but let those that do not afford one. You tell one of my five kids that you do not care if I can afford or not, if a serious illness overcomes me will you take care of them or will you feel better that the governament does?

Larry Thorson said...

I hope you had a phone close by so you could call 911 if you got really sick. You have to be careful with this bad flu going around.

Everyone should check out for advice on preparation for the wave that will hit later this year.

And lobby Congress to do the right thing.

Thanks for commenting. Be well.

Johnny said...

I unfortunately cannot afford a hospital I am feeling alot better Thanks. If by the next night I was not better my wife was going to drag me to the ER.

Mark Weaver said...

Thanks for your great activism, Larry, from The Mark Weaver Show (

Did you all meet with Nelson? What did you ask him to do and what did he say?

WorriedAmerican said...

In the past two years my husband, my two young children and I did not have healthcare or jobs. We used our credit cards. We are in serious debt due to our health care bills. I do still have doubts about this particular Bill, because as a constitutionalist we are not entitled to health care. In a democracy we are supposed to work and pay for our needs (food, Clothes, Shelter, etc...) Social Security is broken, Medic-care and Medic-Aid are broken, Socialized medicine is not the answer. We can still have a welfare type program for those in need of medical attention and without insurance. As a compasionate American I do not want Americans to live the nightmare I went through when we were unemployed. I think we should have this program for certain income families in true need or for the unemployed. Just like student grants - it should be money allocated and given to Americans on a per need basis. This is the only way we might be able to pay for this without increasing taxes to much. We cannot have more money coming Out of Uncle Sam than is coming In.