Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sen. Bill Nelson still waffling on health care

We’re getting through to him, at least in the sense that he has heard the phones ringing off the hook. Sen. Bill Nelson, whose former job as state insurance commissioner makes us suspect him of being too close to the insurance business (definitely not a problem in his earlier career as astronaut), is listed as “unknown” on this chart at Open Left. Dear me, unknown is further from the goal than the maybes.

Come on, Senator. We who put you in office are in a big majority for strong health care reform with a strong public option. Why waffle? We like leaders better than those who tinker at the edge.

Here’s what’s up on his Twitter page, dated June 18.

Lotta folks asking me about health-care reform. We really need it. I'm working on it. But we need a viable plan for how to pay for it.4:43 PM Jun 18th from web


Anonymous said...

OK, so you don't like tinkering at the edge - but what part of "we need a viable plan for how to pay for it" represents tinkering at the edge? Doesn't paying for it seem to be a fundamental part of health care in whatever final form it takes?

Larry Thorson said...

Did he say he wants to cover all of us? Or that a strong public option is essential? No. So I think he's just tinkering by talking about finance before saying he backs the presIdent on a comprehensive plan. This was a month ago now, and we still don't know where our senator really stands on this vital issue.