Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voter problems: Do you hear a blogger's teeth gnashing all the way across Florida?

I found this old and familiar story on OpenLeft.com, apparently sent from a blogging colleague's cellphone out in the field way over around Tampa.

Got a problem voting? Sorry, I'd like to help but I can't reach the right office. The phone is busy. Here's a provisional ballot.

In tampa the clerks are supposed to call the County Elections Office to confirm the voter is registered in Florida. The problem is that none of the clerks can get through - so people are being forced to take provision ballots - which is outrageous.

Due to administrative incompetence people's rights are being violated.

I can't tell you how disgusting it is to witness.

That's from Seffner, just south of I-4 near Tampa. Hey, that's the famous "I-4 Corridor" where we Democrats have trouble getting votes. Wonder why?

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