Monday, November 17, 2008

New Executive Committee members to hold orientation meeting

The eager Democrats who will form the core of activists for the next four years meet tonight for orientation. It’s at the American Legion, 6:30-8:30 p.m, 6445 NW 7th Ave., Miami 33137. That's the official street address, and to get there drive on Biscayne Boulevard to 64th Street, and turn east until you reach the Legion.

They were elected (or were unopposed) in the Aug. 26 primary to membership in the Democratic Executive Committee, or DEC, the leadership body of the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party. The term is four years.

Now we have a big victory under our belts, and it’s time to expand into the more difficult local tasks. My #1 nomination is to tackle gerrymandering. Why does Florida have more Democrats than Republicans but still has a state legislature almost two-thirds Republican? Our electoral districts are crazily formed to favor the incumbents who drew the district lines. This must be curbed, and I won’t be surprised to see people handing out petitions to end gerrymandering.

UPDATE: Mark your calendars for Wednesday Dec. 3: the date of the first meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee. This is our election day, to choose officers and set the course for a more Democratic future. (DEC Chairman Bret Berlin announced this date in a newsletter sent on Nov. 23.)

Those running for office are encouraged to send platform/profile information to this blog and it will be published.

A candidates forum will be held on Tuesday Nov. 25 at the American Legion. 

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I've spent the evening leaving comments at the blogs I read through RSS feed trying to bring up the question of Parkland.

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