Sunday, November 30, 2008

Help Jim Martin win Georgia Senate seate

In a minute I'm running over to work a phone bank for Jim Martin's last-days campaign against Saxy Chambliss in Georgia. This is organized by the victorious North Beach activists who worked for Obama, and then partied, and then worked for Obama lots more. And now we're working for that U.S. Senate seat occupied by Chambliss.

UPDATE: Another phone bank operation had to be canceled for technical reasons. Sorry for any inconvenience. My friends in the Democrats of South Dade Club, admirably ambitious, had scheduled phone operations for Monday and Tuesday but had to cancel.

Still want to call? Help awaits you at where the dear old phonebanking tool you know from the Obama campaign now is devoted to the Jim Martin campaign in Georgia. Do it.

Want to give money? I did the other day at this ActBlue page, which now is claiming over $600,000 raised for Jim Martin. Way to go!

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