Thursday, August 07, 2008

Our pals at Veridoo capture images of McCain bus wreck

Thanks to Arios at Veridoo for the tip and link.

The McCain bus crash that's in the Miami Herald and DailyKos and elsewhere happened near the Veridoo offices on Biscayne Boulevard.

As Veridoo reported after Wednesday's crash:

The Straight Talk Express barrels through Miami, literally.

In yet another seemingly bad news day for John McCain, his straight talk express seems to have derailed and hit a Florida driver this afternoon.

It all happened at the intersection of Biscayne Blvd & NE 54th Street in Miami around 4:00 pm. The Straight talk express appeared to be heading south on the main Biscayne Blvd corridor and somehow ended up hitting a blue Ford Windstar Minivan.

From our point of view it doesn't look like anyone was seriously injured in the Minivan though the drivers side was badly damaged.

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